The Anatomy of a Center Console

The Anatomy of a Center Console - Crucial questions to consider before you buy your next tender.

The Mag Bay 33’ sets a new global standard for quality finish-work and systems engineering

Not every boat touted as an “Offshore Boat” is really suited to the task. It’s just part of the reason why top quality, well engineered boats like those built by Mag Bay Yachts are the choice of serious yachtsmen. Your choice if you are looking for a center console that makes no apologies, cuts no corners and delivers quality throughout from design to final detailing.

 How well does the boat handle?

Owners & Industry experts agree the Mag Bay 33’ is one of the best running hulls found anywhere. The 33’ runs drier and smoother than many much larger boats thanks to pronounced bow flare. The twin stepped hull designed by Michael Peters brings years of experience and a proven high performance design that is shared by the US Navy. When combined with Mag Bay’s robust construction, the result is an agile hull with a stout feel that will be safe enough and comfortable enough for the most demanding adventures.

 Is it tough enough?

Running boats offshore at high speeds requires exacting standards of construction. A solid glass bottom and full length stringer grid provide a solid platform built to take the punishment of offshore use. Taking it a step further, Mag Bay uses premium grade vinylester resin for the entire boat, including all top side components. No polyester at all.


Are the boat’s systems easily accessible for maintenance and repair ?

Any experienced boater will vouch for the importance of maintenance and access.

In an effort to facilitate production, some boat builders don’t put equal focus on the hull design itself, as to the design of the mechanical and electrical systems aboard.

The arrangement of all components is artfully engineered on a Mag Bay Yacht. Battery switches, water strainers and pumps are clearly visible, well labeled and readily accessible. There isn’t one mechanical, plumbing or electrical accessory that is difficult to reach.  The electrical panel clearly demonstrates the meticulous manner in which all systems are designed and constructed. Every wire is heat shrunk and thermally labelled.


Is the quality of the workmanship at the level you should expect?

The Mag Bay factory is producing a level of quality that has set a new standard. Every inch of the boat is finished off with care. You will have to look hard to find exposed screws heads. Run your hands under any hatch and you won’t find any unsanded or unpainted fiberglass. We go the extra mile to deliver perfection.


But don’t take our word for it, already the accolades are coming in from veterans of the marine industry, accomplished anglers and serious offshore yachtsman. There just isn’t a better built boat in its class.

 Michigan based Mag Bay owner Mr. Mark Gauthier is an engineer by trade who takes his boating seriously and is passionate about details & craftsmanship.

Mark comments: “To manufacture the type of boat I buy requires a team with dedicated, quality people, the drive for perfection, an open mind and a can-do attitude. The first time I saw the boat, it took less than 30 seconds. All that was left to say was; “Build it”.”


Mag Bay’s roots follow a 40-year heritage in building boats. It’s no coincidence the Mag Bay factory is producing a level of quality that has set a new standard. Finally, a center console that is beautiful, innovative and finished like a yacht.


Founded by co-creator of CABO Yachts, Mike Howarth & his son Barrett, Mag Bay Yachts brings first rate construction to the center console class. Making its debut in Asia in Spring of 2017, with Sky Marine in Phuket as its first dealer in the region and exclusive dealer in Thailand.


Get your own up close and personal look at a Mag Bay in Thailand, or, if your plans take you to Southern California, call us for a tour of the Mag Bay production facility and meet our team.


For dealer information, boat show schedule and product availability call or email:

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Barrett Howarth